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The Deep Sea Fishing Authority (DSFA) is established under section 5 of the Deep Sea Fisheries Management and Development Act No 5. 2020. The overall objectives of the DSFA is to manage and develop fisheries conservation and related activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone and all areas in which the United Republic Tanzania exercises jurisdiction for the exercise of effective control of fishing and related activities of nationals of the United Republic in areas beyond national jurisdiction.


To be a vibrant fishery in the Exclusive Economic Zone that meets national and regional needs of the present and future generations


The fisheries in the URT EEZ are developed, managed, conserved and sustainably utilized for economic and improved livelihoods


  1. the Executive Committee;
  2. the Technical Advisory Committee; and
  3. the Management.


The Executive Committee members are 8 Permanent/Principal Secretaries from the:

  1. Ministry responsible for fisheries in Mainland Tanzania;
  2. Ministry responsible for fisheries in Tanzania Zanzibar;
  3. Ministry responsible for defence;
  4. Vice President’s office responsible for Union matters;
  5. Second Vice President’s Office Tanzania Zanzibar;
  6. Special departments in Tanzania Zanzibar;
  7. Ministry responsible for finance in Mainland Tanzania;
  8. Ministry responsible for finance in Tanzania Zanzibar; and
  9. the Director General who shall be the Secretary of the Executive Committee.


The Technical Advisory Committee has advisory role to the Executive Committee and is  composed with the following members:

  1. the Director responsible for Fisheries of Mainland Tanzania;
  2. the Director responsible for Fisheries of Tanzania Zanzibar;
  3. two law officers from the office of the Attorney General one from each side of the Union;
  4. two fisheries economists one from each side of the Union;
  5. two marine scientific researchers from research institutions, one from each side of the Union; and
  6. two other members having knowledge and experience in the fishing industry one from each side of the Union.


  1. the Director General;
  2. the Deputy Director General; and
  3. Directors of the Departments.


  1. Human resources and administration
  2. Internal Audit
  3. Legal
  4. Licensing
  5. Compliance
  6. Research and Statistics
  7. Information and Communication Technology
  8. Procurement
  9. Accountant and Finance


The functions of the Deep Sea Fishing Authority stipulated under section 6 of the Deep Sea Fisheries Management and Development (DSFMD) Act is to:

  1. Formulate, implement and monitor the implementation of national policy and strategies  concerning the conservation, management, development and sustainable use of fishery resources in the Exclusive Economic Zone;
  2. Develop, manage and control all activities relating to fisheries, including fishing and related activities, in relation to the Exclusive Economic Zone and all other areas, persons and activities within the application and scope of the DSFMD Act,
  3. Determine fees, charges, resource rent or royalties;
  4. Identify and promote any necessary means toward generating income and social benefits;
  5. Formulate and coordinate programmes for scientific, economic, social or other research in relation to the fisheries;
  6. Negotiate and enter into any contract, agreement or cooperation with any national and regional fisheries management institution or organization, international organization or other institution;
  7. Safeguard the marine environment of the Exclusive Economic Zone; and
  8. Do or undertake any other act or thing required or permitted to be done in furtherance of the objectives, purposes and provisions of the DSFMD Act.

Managing our Fisheries - Report Illegal Fishing

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