The Deep Sea Fishing Aithority (DSFA) has a Compliance Section which comprises of Fisheries Monitoring Centre (FMC) and Control Unit. The Section is responsible for Monitoring Control and Surveillance (MSC) on the Exclusice Econoic Zone  (EEZ) of the United Republic of Tanzania. This Section is headed by a Compliance Officer. Currently the the main functions of MSC include but not limited to:

  • Prepare annual work plans based on the Authority three years (2011/2012 -2014/2015 Strategic Plan;
  •  Conduct air and sea patrols;
  • Conduct  Sea inspection for vessels fishing in the Tanzanian EEZ;
  • Conduct  prelisensing  inpection for fishing vessels;
  • Keep and maintain records for applications received, vessel inspected and licences issued;
  • Provide advice to the Director General on maters related to MSC; and
  • Prepare daily, weekly, monthly, midterm and annual implementation reports.

The FMC has a Vessel Monitoiring System (VMS) which facilitates the Section to  track fishing activities in our EEZ. This system is playing a useful role in minimising iUU fishing in the EEZ.  Information  showing catches of tuna and tuna like species fished in our EEZ during entry and exit of fishing vessel is being received at the FMC by using the VMS.

Enforcement of the Deep Sea Fishing Authority Legislation.

The DSFA has a Fisheries Legislation (Deep Sea Fishing Authority Act No. 1 of 1998 and its ammendment of 2007 and Deep Sea Fishing Authority Regulations of 2009).  DSFA is mandated to ensure that fishing activities in the URT EEZ are done as per national legislation. The information below shows pratical activities that are in line with the national legislation.