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Deep Sea Fishing Authority is a Governmental Institution formed in 2010 under the Deep Sea Fishing Authority Act Cap. 388, Deep Sea Fishing Authority Act No. 17 of 2007 (Amendment) and Deep Sea Fishing Authority Regulations of 2009. The Authority was essentially established to ensure that deep sea fishing activities which include areas beyond the twelve (12) nautical miles of the Exclusive economic Zone of the United Republic of Tanzania are managed by single Government entity for both Tanzania mainland and Tanzania Island (Zanzibar).

April to May 2014:  The LUCKY STAR, listed on the IOTC vessel register and authorised to fish between January 2014 and March 2015, left Mombasa and was at sea for a month. On its return to Mombasa it offloaded reef species, despite only having a permit to target tuna and related species, the captain claimed that he had not been fishing in Kenyan waters. The Kenyan authorities worked with FISH-i Africa to establish the movements and activity of the vessel.

March 2015:  The Deep Sea Fishing Authority in Tanzania sent a letter to the Zanzibar Maritime Authority requesting that they de-register the vessel due to their failure to supply VMS data.

May 2016:  The LUCKY STAR is renamed as PRECIOUS DIAMOND and is again flagged to Kenya. The Kenyan fisheries authorities have denied the vessel to fish outside of the Kenyan EEZ.

19-23 June, 2017
 4th International Conference on fish telemetry
 Cairns Australia
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23-30 June, 2017

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Cape Town, South s
Fish Passage 2018
Charles Stu rt University in ALburg, New south Wales Austalia